This is the home of the PlayPi and FluxPi sequencers!


This is the home of the PlayPi Step Sequencer. A standalone sample sequencer based around the Raspberry Pi (its not a controller). Its end goal is to be a fully function live performance real time programmable sequencer and loop trigger. Its designed to be easy to build and customise. Originally I started the project as a engine to learn python and some real world computing, but after posting about it on I though others might be interested in it too. Hence the site!

Features, upcoming and current.

  • Sequencer/Pattern editor programmable in real time during playback. 
  • 256+ Patterns with 256+ Sequences with up to 256+ Steps in each x4.
  • "Back to start" in steps.
  • Real time programming of Loop Trigger.
  • Real time and programmable tempo changes.
  • Sample Audio time-scale/pitch modification.
  • Multi track sequencing (Up to 4 isolated patterns running to the same tempo)
  • Play samples in reverse.
  • Play a portion of a sample.
  • Pyo integration for custom and supplied effects modules.
  • Sox integration for effects,output recording and sampling.
  • Load/Save/Copy/Paste/Undo.
  • Controlled via two adafruit trellis boards.
  • 64 channels (via pygame.mixer).
  • LADSPA plugin intergration.

....and what ever else I add to this list over time.


FluxPi is a Raspberry Pi and the Lots of Pots (LOP) based groove box. Its based around PYO dsp, and runs in python.

Features, upcoming and current.

  • Real time programming during playback.
  • Mulitiple Oscillators via preset synths.
  • Step and non Step synths.
  • Built in Drone synths.
  • Launch Mulitiple synths at once, but controller one at a time.
  • 64 step, step sequencer, with step mapping (map you synth to step on every 1,2,4,8....64 steps)



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